Maintaining contact with friends after move

When you relocate from one place to the other whether it is an international removal or removals in Leeds, either for the purposes of searching for new job opportunities, for the sake of compliance to a job promotion or posting, for the sake of love or for adventure or because you need to move to a bigger home, you will have one problem, and that is the problem of leaving behind a lot of friends and family members in your old home. Many people breakdown when this happens, but that is not and has never been the solution. This situation of missing the people you left behind cannot be cured completely. But, there is the hope of managing it to a certain extent. The number one method is for you to always keep in touch with your friends when you move away. This will inform you whether they are good or not and also reduce the degree at which you miss them.

Moving out with friendsThere are several means of staying in touch with them, but we have to treat them according to different categories. However, before we delved into the detailed thing, we have to tell you that the best method of keeping in touch is by having great memories of them through images, picture, videos, memorials and many other things that will quench your hunger to see them to a certain extent when you look at them. This explains why many people would prefer to hold and look at pictures of people they love when they miss them. You can organize a party or a meeting before your planned relocation, make sure you have current and updates email addresses and telephone numbers of all of your friends, take some funny pictures or make short videos, so that you feel comfortable you have all those while necessary. It can be also beneficial from another point of view, during such a meeting your friends can help you pack your belongings, move pantry, clean your old house, load the vehicle if you relocate with the use of man and van Leeds. Helping friends as well as the awareness that you can mutually count on each other, may tighten your bond with friends.

Phone calls

Calling momFrom here, we move to the traditional methods of keeping in touch with your friends when you move to a far distance. The number one and most prevalent of these methods is the telephone conversation. The fact is that these long distance phone calls between very good friends may not entail a very long conversation where you talk about everything. For the mean time, it could be a system of hello, hi, how are you doing, I am fine. This is not as costly as many people think. All you need to do is to inquire from your service provider so that they will tell you the most subsidized way to talk to your friends from time to time.

Letters and postcards

The next traditional method of keeping in touch with your friends and loved ones include the exchange of letters and postcards. This may be seen by many people as outdated and involving long processes. But this still remains the most passionate emotional and touching way to connect and keep in touch. If you are looking for something very romantic as it concerns communication with long distance friends, this is the best. This is because you will be touching the paper your friend touched and wrote on, you will be feeling your friend’s particular handwriting, and also feel the great impact of the written word. Now, when you also remember the time it took the person and the effort he put in writing the letter, you feel something more special.

Another traditional method is by sending postcards to your loved ones back home. This is one that simply involves lots of emotions and expressions of love. This is better because it is quicker than the long letter that takes time before you can complete it. With a limited space at the back where you are meant to express your feelings, you will be able to scribe what you want the person to read. This also presents more fun to the writer and reader.

E-mails and video chats

In the modern days, there are many modern ways of communicating and keeping in touch with friends when you relocate to a far distance just like in the case of moving overseas from Leeds.

Writing email to a friendThe first modern method of keeping in touch with your loved ones and friends when you relocate is by writing emails. This is why it is very essential for you to collect the email addresses of your fiends before you travel away. When you live in the same community and see each other all the time, you may not know the impact of these addresses until you travel. Don’t fail to collect these. The two major things that place emails above the paper and snail letters is that the former is very fast and reliable, in the sense that while the paper letters will spend weeks, emails will get to the person’s box few seconds after you send them. Again, while the letter can get lost along the line, the email is more reliable.

The next method of communication is through the use of the video calls and chat. The instant messaging system where you write and the person responds is another great and ultimate communication method that can help you to keep in touch with your friends all the time. When it comes to the video calls, you will enjoy ultimate communication because you don’t only hear the voice of the friend or feel him or her from a distance, you actually see the person’s face. You can speak to them and hear them talk while you see their image. Networks and internet platforms like Skype, Facebook and others have great video chat features, but you must have a good and strong connection to enjoy this.

Social networks

Social networks are another avenue. There are many of them out there. They have been the most preferred way of keeping in touch for the past 5 years. With Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, Google+ and many others, all you need to do is place your message on the person’s wall or inbox or to send images and videos, and you will feel as if you are with the person. They also have many chat features that will make the communication easier.